Tooling machines for chipless metal forming

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Leifeld Metal Spinning AG is a medium-sized company with now more than 125 years of tradition in machine building. The company production site and headquarters are located in Ahlen, Germany.

Leifeld turned to a global player in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming. With the technologies spinning, flow-forming, necking-in and profiling, Leifeld defines worldwide new standards.

From special customer-oriented solutions to complete projects, Leifeld offers everything under one roof. Until now Leifeld has produced more than 6,250 machines and supplied them to 60 countries and operates her own Research & Development centre.

The range includes machines for : Reflectors, ventilator & separator parts, cooking pots, pans, tank bottoms, poly-v-pulleys, teethed lamellae support, high pressure gas bottles, CNG cylinders, steel wheels and light alloy wheels.

As a reliable partner Leifeld offers technical services, spare parts procurement, consultancy, and training, as well as retrofitting and used machines.

The history begins in 1891 that Josef Leifeld established the "Cooperage Leifeld" producing tubs, vats, butter centrifuges. In 1920, Josef Leifeld II transforms the cooperage into a metalworking shop.

The first hydraulic spinning machine in the world is introduced in 1945. In 1960 - the first hydraulic spinning machine with copy control and an automatic programme comes onto the market.

The first CNC-controlled metal spinning machine in the world is developed by Leifeld in 1971. In 1988, Leifeld presents the first machine for producing multiple-component aluminium wheels.

In 2006 - Leifeld develops the first machine for producing one-piece, weight-optimised aluminium wheels and the first machine for the vertical production. In 2007, the Georg Kofler group takes over Leifeld Metal Spinning GmbH.