Machines for forming of car rims (WSC series)

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The Leifeld innovative and highly efficient vertical spinning roller machine series WSC.

Designed for the manufacturing of car and truck wheels, especially for the spinning and flow forming of of rim and wheel disc contours from tube or preform.

Process: By creating a pressure cone beneath the forming rollers, the material begins to "flow" in longtitudal direction. Trough reduction of the wall thickness, the part automatically becomes longer.

Forming of rims from forged or casted preforms, from aluminium, steel or other metals. Hot or cold processing is possible, depending on the inlet detail.

Configuration of the radial axis/rollers 3x120º, which delivers a optimal force distribution and therefore optimal product quality. Feeding and slides are driven by servo-hydraulic cylinders.

Easy and comfortable tool change, loading and unloading of the machine due to three acces points. Modern CNC-control by SIEMENS or FANUC. Flexible integration into existing production processes.

Products: car, motorcycle, bus, truck and railway wheels.

Advantages: reduction of used material and weight optimisation of the ready product, short cycle times (appr. 40 sec. for 18" rim), almost no additional refinement of the part necessary. High productivity - up to 500.000 wheels per year possible.

Technical details: Outside diameter: 320 - 720 mm, nominal rim diameter: 15 - 26 inch, rim width max. 3 - 17 inch, workpiece length approx. max. 480 mm, wall thickness max. 20mm.