Straightening machines and wheel set presses - MAE

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MAE. Maschinen und Apparatebau Götzen GmbH is a successful medium-sized family company based in Erkrath - Germany. During the decades MAE became a specialist in straightening machines and wheel set presses.

Founded in 1931, the company builds innovative machines for various sectors - including rail technology, tool manufacturing, automotive industry, textile, steel, electric machines and others.

In 1950s - first machine toolsare developed and in 1959 MAE develops manually controlled straightening machines and wheel set presses.

The first fully automatic system was presented in 1971: the first fully automatic straightening system with electrical measurement and control technology represents an important milestone.

1992 - Our patented highlight: the M-AH automatic straightening machine with the world's first electromechanical main drive and "RICOS" PC-based control.

In 1999 MAE develops the ARAD press - the first automatic assembly press for rail wheel sets, followed by the SV straightening system for large-scale parts in 2001.

The next big step MAE did in 2008 with his next generation presses: the new, advanced generation of wheel set presses from the RADS range unites user comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

In 2016 the new structured factories of the Deutsche Bahn are equipped with automatic wheel set presses by MAE.

The company is a member of the GESCO industrial group and has representatives in more than 30 countries worldwide and branches in USA and China.