Optimize electricity costs in your compressor installation with alternative filter elements from Omega Air and LD GmbH!

28 May 2024

LD GmbH offers high-quality alternative elements for most brands of compressed air filters on the market, which can significantly reduce your electricity costs. ⚡ Every 0.3 bar drop in pressure leads to over 3% more electricity consumption for the compressor.

 Saving example:      
• Compressor: 22 kW      
• Number of filters: 3 pcs. (one after another)       
• Price of electricity: BGN 0.25/kWh     
• Operation of the compressor: 24/7/365 ⏱️

 1. Electricity saving for one filter: 22 kW * 3% = 0.66 kW/h ⚙️    
 2. Savings for three filters: 0.66 kW/h * 3 = 1.98 kW/h    
 3. Savings per year: 1.98 kW/h * 24 hours/day * 365 days/year = 17,332.8 kWh     
 4. Savings: 17,332.8 kWh * 0.25 BGN/kWh = 4,333.2 BGN

Also, the quality of the compressed air is extremely important for the pneumatic components and the quality of the final product. Omega Air alternative filter elements ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of your system.

Why should you choose LD GmbH?

 The offered price of Omega Air filter elements is extremely competitive, compared to other manufacturers, without compromise in quality!
Contact us today to optimize your system and save significant money on your electricity bills!