Series RTC - Robot tool changer

15 December 2023

The Series RTC Tool Changer is the ideal solution for industrial applications that require an efficient and reliable device for a fast and secure changeover of tools (gripping or working systems). Series RTC is available in three sizes: 50, 90 and 150 and offers high eliability and robustness, handling loads of up to 50 kg, and guaranteeing excellent performance even under very demanding operating conditions.
Thanks to its compact design, the Tool Changer can be easily integrated within industrial robots and cobots, improving the efficiency and productivity of production lines on the one hand while providing enhanced flexibility and quality of work on the other.
Using a special pneumatically operated accessory, the Tool Changer automates the opening and closing of the locking system, eliminating the need for this to be done manually by an operator. This makes the tool changing process faster and more accurate, reducing human error to a minimum and guaranteeing a more reliable system. Furthermore, the inclusion of magnetic proximity switches and inductive sensors makes it possible to monitor the status of the device and the tools associated with it. This avoids possible malfunctions, ensuring improved safety and system reliability.