Demonstration of series RVX Ultra Performance 75 compressors by Mattei Italy

04 May 2023
      On April 25 and 27, 2023, in the offices of LD in Sofia and Shumen, in cooperation with our partners from Mattei, Italy, we held a demonstration of the latest series of Mattei RVX Ultra Performance compressors!

- we demonstrated the Mattei RVX UP 75 kW rotary-vane compressor;
- flow rate 16.04 m3/min @ 7 bar, specific electricity consumption @ 7 bar – 5.08 kW/m3/min;
- flow rate 16.16 m3/min @ 6 bar, specific electricity consumption @ 6 bar – 4.81 kW/m3/min;
 - life expectancy of the airend  100,000 hours without maintenance;
- Built-in water/oil heat exchanger for the recovery of waste heat (up to 80% of the consumed electrical power) in the form of hot water 70° C.

It was a great pleasure for our team to share with one of the most successful representatives of the industry in Bulgaria the technological solutions that MATTEI RVX Ultra Performance compressors provide – reliability, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.