Series 7000 Fluidics in technopolymer for water cooling applications

08 June 2021
Series 7000 Fluidics push-in fittings enable smooth passage of fluids in cooling systems. Liquid cooling systems are considered to be better than air cooling, in terms of efficiency,effectiveness, compactness and noise in a wide range of applications from computer servers to industrial equipment.The Series 7000 Fluidics fitting range has been designed with a special technopolymer, based on renewable raw materials, that allows the component to resist water absorption, temperature variations and cooling liquid additives. The material maintains constant dimensional stability in contact with different fluids and does not breakdown with age.

Advanced gripping characteristics make the Series 7000 fluidics an excellent alternative to traditional fittings, guaranteeing a uniform tightening on the whole surface of the tube.this enhances high reliability and resistance to repeated connections and disconnections of the tube. reliable connection, compact dimensions and easy installation in confined spaces are only some of the features that make these new fittings an innovative solution for a wide range of cooling systems.


- easy to connect and disconnect;

- resistant to water pressure and erosion;

- resistant to corrosion;

- dimensional stability with water contact;

- long life cycle.