Series CGSP compact self-centering parallel grippers

08 March 2021
Series CGSP grippers, available in 4 sizes (20, 25, 32 and 40) are parallel and double acting, self-centering and guided by means of a T-shaped sliding guide. Thanks to the materials and surface coating used, the gripper offers a high reliability. Moreover, the internal force transmission system is protected against the entrance of impurities by means of a steel cover so the gripper can also be used in dusty environments.

Extreme compact dimensions, a light design and high positioning repeatability make this series of grippers particularly suitable for handling small items, even if high operating frequencies are required. Typical applications are pick & place, insertion, machine tending in the electronic components assembly sector, cosmetics & medical industry or in food packaging.

-  Robust, compact and light design

-  High resistance to external loads thanks to the T-guide

-  High closing/opening repeatability

-  High reliability

-  Position detection thanks to magnetic proximity switch or inductive sensor kits.

-  Protected against the entrance of impurities (IP40)

-  Free from Copper, Silicone and PTFE

- High interchangeability (centering bushes)

- Variants available for use in ATEX zones