Series D valves and solenoid valves

15 January 2021

3/2; 2x3/2; 5/2; 5/3-way
With outlets on the body - For individual or manifold assembly
Size 10.5 - 25 mm

Camozzi has developed a new series of valves for applications with limited installation space where it is necessary to have the control elements as close to the actuator as possible.Valves with threads on the body can be used individually or assembled on manifold. The sub-base version allows a better cleaning of the application. Thanks to the extreme robust aluminium body, the Series D valves guarantee maximum reliability even under difficult operating conditions.

-  Can be used individually or in parallel groups

-  Pneumatic and electric version

-  Flow up to 2000 Nl/min

-  Aluminium body and technolpolymer end caps

-  Installation in narrow spaces

-  Electric connection also with M8 connector