The complete solution for coffee and vending machines ODE

21 September 2020
What lies beneath a tasty cup of coffee?

The successful key is in the precise choice of each element in the coffee machine.

Solutions that ODE offers are always innovative and compliant with requirements and needs of customers.

The products specially executed by our partners ODE Italy are designed to work and provide high efficiency to the coffee machine and vending machine industry.
Quality, compactness and Italian design are just a few of the advantages of vibration coffee pumps and vending machines from ODE. Features and benefits of the full range of compact and standard vibration pumps we offer:
- pressure 2.5 to 20 bar
- fluid: water
- plastic / metal fitting
- certified VDE, CE
- quantities on stock and competitive price.

For more information and inquiries about the products, do not hesitate to contact the LD team at mobile phone +359 888706 418 or email: