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About LD

Our satisfied customers are our best publicity.
We would like to make them our partners and friends.
We are striving to build trust and long-term relationships with our partners and customers based on mutual respect.
We are doing our best to keep our customers informed about new products and solutions we offer.
Our suppliers of machines and components are world leaders in their fields – usually among the Top 10 in the industry surveys. All of them have comprehensive networks of distributors throughout the world – a fact that greatly facilitates warranty servicing and a smooth future operation of exported machines and equipment, as well as the maintenance of equipment imported into Bulgaria.

We support our customers in the following ways:

  • technical advice by phone or in writing;
  • personal visit when desired or necessary;
  • drawing designs for specific assignments;
  • help in identifying components;
  • free brochures, catalogues and other literature from the manufacturers;
  • regular announcements about new products, including printed ads in technical publications;
  • participation in major exhibitions, so that our customers can get personally acquainted with the most recent additions to our range and compare what we offer to products by other manufacturers;
  • training experts on demand;
  • free deliveries to end customers.

Our advantages are:

  • excellent knowledge of the products – we can always offer a technical solution for a specific application at a competitive price;
  • products of European origin duly certified by the manufacturers;
  • declaration of conformity;
  • extensive inventory;
  • repair and/or repair kits and parts for the components;
  • weekly deliveries;
  • an ERP system is implemented for fast order processing, minimizing mistakes and analyses.