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Team and Specialization

Our team members permanently participate on ongoing training workshops and are always dynamically on the move with the latest technological developments. The professional development is a tradition at LD and turned into an ongoing process through the years, since persistent improvement is leading the way. Our team members are devoted employees who steadily pursue enhancement in professional experience, routine procedures and stress-free working environment.
The training courses and workshops are carried out by Original Equipment Manufacturer Companies where specific knowledge and skills on various applications and products are obtained. As a result of that LD team members will provide a solution even for the most sophisticated and complex customer’s requirement, since we at LD are sharing the best experience and knowledge of the leading manufacture companies, distributing high quality components and rely on the advanced support of the OEM Companies any time as well.
LD’s management team:
Bogdan Stankov
Product Manager
CAMOZZI – pneumatics, VUOTOTECNICA – vacuum equipment, DEUBLIN – rotary unions, МТА – compressed air treatment equipment, FIRESTONE – air strokes, springs and mounts, engineering projects, MATTEI – Rotary vane compressors, BOGE Kompressoren–screw, piston compressors, oilfree compressors, and compressor maintenance service; engineering projects.

Martin Kichev
Product Manager
CONFLOW– control valves ODE – industrial solenoid valves, MECAIR – solenoid valves and electronic controls for dust collector filters, RUBINETTERIE BRESCIANE – brass ball valves; water pressure reducing valves and water filters, VALBIA – pneumatic and electric actuators, actuated valves and ball valves, VALPRES – iron and stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, CAMOZZI – pneumatics, Alfa Laval - heat exchangers, separators and filters, ATOS – hydraulics including piston pumps, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves, servoproportionals, digital proportionals, cartridge valves, digital electronics, axis controllers, servoactuators EUROMA- solutions for machine builders

Angel Bogdanov
DEUBLIN – rotating unions, WIKA – pressure gauges and thermometers, CAMOZZI – pneumatics, ODE – industrial solenoid valves, VUOTOTECNICA – vacuum equipment, FIRESTONE - pneumatic drives, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, etc.

Gencho Zdravkov
MATTEI – Rotary vane compressors, BOGE Kompressoren – booster compressors, screw and piston compressors, oil free compressors, compressor maintenance service, LOXEAL – a wide range of engineering adhesives and sealants, MTA – compressed air treatment equipment, FIRESTONE – pneumatic drives, air springs.

Georgi Totev
Ingersoll-RAND – pneumatic motors, pneumatic and electric equipment, diaphragm and piston pumps „ARO” applied in aggressive working environment, viscosity and other fluids, CAMOZZI – pneumatics.

Alexander Nenov - Plovdiv Office
CAMOZZI – pneumatics, ATOS – hydraulics.

Krasimira Aivazova - Karlovo and Plovdiv Ofices
ATOS – hydraulics, CAMOZZI – pneumatics.

Dimo Zaprianov - Plovdiv Office
BOGE Kompressoren – screw compressors, compressors maintenance and service; MATTEI – rotary vane compressors CONFLOW – control valves, Ingersoll-RAND – pneumatic motors, pneumatic and electric equipment, diaphragm and piston pumps „ARO” applied for aggressive working environment, viscosity and aggressive fluids, CAMOZZI – pneumatics.

We support our customers on regional basis for their convenience and provide them with effective cooperation, service and maintenance at the highest level always on time.
Regional Office Management:
Angel Bogdanov
Northwestern Bulgaria – Vidin, Montana, Vratza, etc.
Northcentral Bulgaria – Gabrovo, Veliko Turnovo

Anton Gradev – Rouse Office,
Central Northeastern Bulgaria- Rouse, Silistra, Razgrad, Turgovishte

Martin Kichev
Northeastern Bulgaria - Varna, Dobrich, Shumen
Southeastern Bulgaria - Sliven, Yambol, Bourgas

Gencho Zdravkov
Southwestern Bulgaria, including Sofia city, Pernik, Central South Bulgaria – Smolian, Kurdzhali, Haskovo
Krasimira Aivazova – Plovdiv Office
Central- Southern Bulgaria – Karlovo, Pangurishte, Klisura, Sopot, Kalofer, Pavel Banyia, Koprivshtiza, Stelcha, Hysaryia, Suedinenie, Rakovski, Brezovo near Kaznaluk.

Georgi Totov
Southwestern Bulgaria- Radomir, Kustendil, Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Razlog, Gotze Delchev, Sandansky, Petrich.

Dimitar Keremidchiev - Varna Office,
Northeasern Bulgaria- Dobrich, General Toshevo, Varna, Shumen, Byala, Obzor,

Dimcho Popov – Pleven Office
Central and Northern Bulgaria- Pleven, Nikopol, Gulianzi, Trustenik, Lukovit, Lovech, Teteven, Troyan, Svishtov, Letniza, Pavlikeni.

Customers are welcomed to visit our regional offices in Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Rouse, Karlovo.

We supported our corporate customers and regular business associates on regular basis taking into consideration their current needs of component deliveries, long-term projects, and repair planning, we provide them always with the latest information on actual product brands and related issues affecting their current activities and future projects.

With the sophisticated ERP operating system, the latest version of Microsoft Business Dynamics Navision, we guarantee quality component assemblages in accordance with customers charts and requirements.