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New models valves and solenoid valves from Camozzi

 Series 4 solenoid valves have been designed in the 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 versions and with the following two devices of actuation:

 - electropneumatically actuated with mechanical spring return

 - electropneumatically actuated and return with external and internal air pressure supply

 Series 4 valves are equipped with a manual override which allows a stable operation and they are particularly suitable for mounting in  arduous conditions.

 All these valves can be operated by solenoids Series U, G A8 and H8. Moreover, valves with ports G1/2 only can be supplied with solenoids  Series A6 (32x32).

 Pneumatically actuated valves 3/2 NC become NO when the supply is on connection 3.

 New models  are available:

- with G3/8 ports and

- 1800 Nl/min flow.

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